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Silicone therapy for scar hypertrophy

Good morning Dr Davison, Lovely to see you last Saturday.

I wonder if you can help? Someone has recommended …

John Davison - 29th April 2016

Bad scars are unfortunately one of the risks of cosmetic surgery (and all surgery).


Most of the time, it …

John Davison - 24th January 2016

Blepharoplasty and headaches

I am always going on about this procedure, because I think it is great!


Let me tell you about a gentleman …

John Davison - 23rd October 2015

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Endoscopic brow lift is a procedure which lifts and reshapes the brow, and smoothes the lines on the forehead. The frown muscles can also be altered. The procedure is done under general anaesthetic, and is often combined with other operations. The operation lasts around one hour, and usually requires an overnight stay. While the procedure does lift the brow, it is never excessive or gives a "surprised look". The brow also settles down a little in the months after surgery.