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Silicone therapy for scar hypertrophy

Good morning Dr Davison, Lovely to see you last Saturday.

I wonder if you can help? Someone has recommended …

John Davison - 29th April 2016

Bad scars are unfortunately one of the risks of cosmetic surgery (and all surgery).


Most of the time, it …

John Davison - 24th January 2016

Blepharoplasty and headaches

I am always going on about this procedure, because I think it is great!


Let me tell you about a gentleman …

John Davison - 23rd October 2015

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This operation can change the shape and volume of the breasts, The procedure is done under general anaesthetic and involves a one-night stay in hospital.

As with all surgery, there are many careful considerations and options which we can discuss together. We need to understand what you would ideally want from your surgery, in order to work out the best plan for you.

Most patients are delighted with the results of surgery, but awareness of the underlying implants, and the likelihood of needing further surgery in the future are, we feel, the two most important considerations.

Breast Augmentation (PDF)

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most common operation which we perform, and generally has a predictable and smooth post operative course and a result which most woman are very happy with. There are important considerations which you need to be aware of, both for all woman considering breast implants, and specifically for you, depending on your age, breast shape and size, what you are wanting etc.

The larger private hospital groups (Spire (previously BUPA) and BMI Healthcare) both have reduced and competitive rates for these operations at present.

If you are interested in finding out about breast augmentation surgery and the costs involved, please do get in contact to arrange a consultation directly with the Surgeon Mr John Davison.

  • All consultations with Mr Davison, The Surgeon.
  • All surgery carried out at local Kent private hospitals.
  • Price now includes consultation, surgery and follow-up appointments.
  • Mr Davison uses Allergan Natrelle breast implants.

Appointments must be made by contacting Teresa Dimmock, 01732 862229
or fill in this form below:

Bilateral Breast Augmentation Offer